Aluminum Fire Piston – Camping Fire Starter + Char Cloth Piece – Easy to Light

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Due to the big size of the piston and its high quality, piston is very easy to light. Just hold with both hands after well lubricating and press quickly; char cloth will light up immediately.

Package Includes:

– Fire piston (with bottom cleaning screw)

– Spare piston o-ring replacement

– Piece of Char Cloth


– Full length: approximately 13.7cm

– Knurled screws: approximately 1.7mm

– Middle part: approximately 10cm

– Diameter: 2cm

What is a fire piston?
Fire pistons have been used in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands as a means of kindling fire for years. They are found in cultures where the blow pipe is used as a weapon and this suggests they may have developed out of blow pipe construction. A fire piston consists of a hollow cylinder sealed at one end and open at the other. The compression of the air when the piston is quickly forced into the cylinder causes the interior temperature to rise sharply to over 400 °F (260 °C). This is hot enough for the tinder on or in the piston face to ignite with a visible flash that can be seen.

– Remove the bottom cleaning screw and clean the fire piston after several uses in order to keep the air compression in perfect state.
– Keep the O-Rings lubricated for better compression using Vaseline or low viscosity oil. Apply a small amount directly to the O-Ring.

If the piston is not firing, we recommend checking the following:
1. Make sure the o-ring is well lubricated.
2. Make sure the bottom screw o-ring is in good condition.
3. Make sure the piston o-ring is in good condition.
4. Make sure the char cloth are of good condition and free from moisture.

Making Char Cloth:

After Sale Service:
We provide after sale service; this fire piston is a one-time purchase and lasts for lifetime if it’s well used and stored. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave us a message. We assure all will be right!

For the safety of our items, and for continuous follow up, we provide tracking numbers for all shipped items.


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Aluminum Fire Piston - Camping Fire Starter + Char Cloth Piece - Easy to Light

$45.00$60.00 (-25%)

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