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Black version= basic GSM socket 
White version= GSM socket with temperature sensor
Specification parameters:
Rated current: 10A
Rated voltage: 110V-245V
Rated frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
Rated power: 2200W
The temperature range of -10 to +55 centidegree
Voltage range: 90V-245V AC
Product features
1 can be inserted into any GSM SIM card is our mobile phone card (Mobile Unicom can be), you can get any local control was not restricted by Region (as long as the mobile signal coverage). Built-in microcomputer chip control, can call or SMS (Fetion can also) control.
2 control socket must enter the password, ensure that your socket only you can control, safe and reliable.
3 you can use any mobile phone short message control (call control can only use the master mobile phone card) as long as the input of your own set password, the mobile phone is dead or missing owner can control.
4 built-in GSM antenna configuration is more compact, easy to carry.
The 5 increase in power and memory function, ensure that you control of electrical work.
The 6 panel to increase the manual button, the convenience of not remote control when the manual switch operation.

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